The most convenient Costa Rica backpackers hostel in downtown San José, steps from major museums, restaurants, nightlife and bus stations

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FREE industrial kitchen use & FREE state of the art WI-FI

Enjoy great food and meet new people at our bar restaurant

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The most popular Costa Rica backpackers hostel downtown San José.

Free wi-fi, restaurant, bar, roof lounge and the most social, friendly vibe.

Hostel Pangea is downtown San José's first hostel and Costa Rica's number one hostel, catering to guests from all over the world every year. We are 100 percent owned and operated by Costa Ricans, so if you want to experience Costa Rican culture, this is the right place.

Why come all the way to Costa Rica to stay at a place that is owned by someone from a foreign country, interested only in the profit they can make out of Costa Rica. We are here for the long haul, and that shows by our investments into the Hostel and its amenities. Costa Rica is our home; we were born and raised here. We love Costa Rica, we are proud of our country and culture, and we want to share that with you.

We can give you the best advice about where to go, where to stay, and how have the best experience in Costa Rica. Pangea was the first hostel located in historic Barrio Amon and you can see now how others are trying to get into the neighborhood but it is very hard to beat our location , right in downtown San José. We have the most convenient location, steps from all of the major museums, shopping, restaurants, nightlife and bus stations.

Hostel Safety

Your safety is our priority and is something that we take very seriously. Just like at the nicest resorts and private parties around the world, when you check in at Pangea, you will receive a wristband that is changed daily. We are a large hostel and keeping track of all guests can be difficult, so this is one of the measures we take to ensure the safety of our guests and their belongings.

Hostel Pangea is the number one hostel of the country and very well known, so people often try to take advantage of what Pangea has to offer – but we are strict on security, as all reputable hotels must be. We, and our guests, feel better knowing that the only people that enter the hostel are those staying there. This includes all areas of the hostel – movie theater, computers for internet use, the pool, bar, and restaurant – because we want to make sure only YOU as a guest have the priority of using those services, and no one else. We were the first hostel with this measure in Costa Rica and are proud of it. Now we know our friend J from Rockin J's in Puerto Viejo is using them, and many hostels in Panama are doing the same thing.

Of course there are other hostels that don't want to spend the money and time to provide a safer atmosphere, and they will try to make you think that their hostel is better because you don't have to wear a wristband. The truth is, well you know it, their place is lacking of security and amenities desired by all travelers.

About our Network

When we thought and designed The Costa Rica Hostel Network we wanted to build something fun but with quality and different than the rest of places to stay in Costa Rica not a simple chain of hotels like the rest around the world, to put it in just few words we have chosen the best hostels in the country in the main destinations of Costa Rica and we work together to make your trip here an unforgettable one.

When you stay with us you can be sure you are staying at the top end hostels of the country and we effort ourselves to provide the service you deserve. The hostels that integrate the network have the highest standard in hostels of Costa Rica; the security is tight, drugs are not allowed, we have a wristband control, and all the hostels are for guests only, you will find orthopedic mattresses in all the rooms, hot water in all the showers and cleanliness is on the top of our list, in the ones that we provide food, we have international chefs and we only cook with premium organic ingredients.

We have won awards internationally and locally, being recognized as the hostels that set the standard for the rest of the hostels in the country. We'll gladly guide you around all over the country and we will make all the reservations for places to stay, transportation and activities you want at no cost. Remember when you stay with us you are staying in hostels 100 percent costarrican owned and run by us Ticos.

Pura vida,
The Costa Rica Hostel Network